Why image based backup is important.

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If you are backing up your files then you are doing what you believe is the right thing to do and it is. But what happens when your hard drive crashes and you lose your programs as well. As an I.T. professional I have spent countless hours recovering programs for clients. Not only does it cost a company money for an hourly service, but it also costs them downtime.

Image based backup is essentially backing up your whole operating system making it easier to recover your files and programs within minutes. This helps protect against hard drive failure and it keeps your info safe and secure. It can cost you thousands of dollars to recover your data from a failed hard drive. It basically needs to be sent to a lab and rebuilt by experts in order to recover your info. Hackers and scammers have no leverage on you if you have the right system in place. Back up drives can fail and usb drives can be damaged due to static. Is your information protected? Do you have a solution in place in case a disaster occurs. Download your free ebook to learn more about protecting your data. Click here

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